Support Disability Worldwide

What you could win

By pledging your donation to Support Disability Worldwide, you will go into the draw to win a $200 Prezzee voucher.

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Who you’re supporting

Support disability worldwide is a business that wants to change the way people with a disability and mental illness are treated and cared for. In most countries, there’s not enough support for people with disabilities, some families who require care and support are sometimes looked past because they are not eligible for funding due to them having too much income coming into the family or just can’t afford the ongoing costs of supports. 

 At support disability worldwide we want to change this, we want to establish support, care and respite care and activities that are affordable for any family and/or caregivers. It’s Our passion at disability support worldwide to give back to the community and families with disabilities. We want to incorporate simple support into everyday activities and daily routines that isn’t going to cost too much to the families that need it the most. 

 We want to make people’s lives better for them, we don’t want to make a profit off families who can’t afford to pay for support or aren’t eligible for funding. We believe that everyone deserves the support that’s needed. We want to fix the gaps in the disability sector

How you’re helping

At support Disability worldwide we are devoted to spreading awareness and giving everyone the equality they deserve all proceeds from sales of our merchandise and any of our fundraising events will go to the legal fees of starting our foundation and directly to getting the help that many people with disabilities need

We will be sponsoring all ready established programs and also establishing our own programs as well as using the funds to build our business and expand into other countries. 

Although we are in the early stages we are looking to expand quickly and talk to governments in Australia and world wide to provide easier access for families to get support if they are unable to access supports.

Key Details

  • Win a $200 Prezzee Voucher!
  • Support Disability Worldwide

Closes 12 August 2022

Winner announced 17th of August