About givity

Our Why

Most non-profits and charities rely heavily on fundraising to do their important day to day work. Due to Covid lockdowns, uncertainty and the changing fundraising landscape, many non-profits and charities are experiencing hard times, which is impacting their ability to do their work.

‘givity’ was created to provide a modernised and fun way to raise much needed funds for these charities and non-profits, so that they can remain viable and continue their great work.


By donating, your generosity is not only helping a great cause, but you are also entering for the chance to win cool prizes – a win win.

What’s even better, 100% of the profits from your donation go to the charity or non profit’s campaign helping make sure they can continue their work.

Giving has never been better.

Our Goal

We want to help ensure all of the charities and non-profits, from the local footy club to the local public school have the funds they need to continue their work and thrive post covid lockdowns.


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